Through partnering agreements with world-class leaders in each of these technologies, WINSO will has set the standard for best-practice in each respective technology.

WINSO is a corporation governed under the laws of the Bahamas and was founded in 2008, as a Bahamian Corporation. WINSO is 50% owner of BREC (a Bahamian specific company) which is a joint venture with Schneider Energy of Canada.

WINSO which provided the design for the response to the BEC proposal, is a professional consulting and engineering firm, providing needs-analysis, design, management, maintenance and end-to-end solutions on a business-to-business and business to government level.

WINSO's exemplary service is provided not only by its strategically placed support staff, but also by carefully selected partners. In all projects, Winso partners locally so it’s The on-island staff is familiar with the typography, the issues that are unique to the area and are ever sensitive to local culture. WINSO, its sub-partners and its joint venture partners pride themselves on providing proven world-class solutions to the various jurisdictions of the Caribbean basin. The WINSO partners have been meticulously vetted and work as a unified team in providing the very best solution possible. In all cases references are available upon request.


The Caribbean Center for Applied Renewable Energy
Emera Inc (EMA- TSX)
Cobian International, Inc
Schneider Power