Vincent McDonald
CEO and Member of the Board of Directors

Vincent McDonald leads WINSO in his capacity as Chief Executive Officer. He brings twenty-four years of business experience, including 6 years as the Director of Marketing at AquaPure the leading bottled water company in the Bahamas. His passion and conviction for pure water and “green technology” lead him to be the spokesperson for the company throughout the region. Mr. McDonald began his business career upon a solid foundation of education with degrees from St. Benedict College, the University of Miami and the McHari Institute. He currently holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, a Master’s Degree in International Trust Law & Administration and has successfully completed The Renewable Energy program in Toronto, Canada. Mr. McDonald is a founding member of BREC Limited which is an alternative energy Joint Venture with Schneider Energy of Canada. He serves as a member of the BREC Board of Directors. Both his education and his natural acumen have served him well in his business accomplishments which include being President of KBMP Communications Network, Co-Founder and Vice President of Solaris Global Partners (Bahamas), President of Curly’s Group of Companies, President of Global Property Management and President of Reliable Builders & Construction Company. A passion for public service and speaking has given Mr. McDonald many hours of joy through his involvement with The Gavel Club, Junior Achievement, Golden Gates Assembly and Toastmasters.

Laurence Edward Sheehan
Chairman of the Board of Directors

With a background of depth and diversity extending over 40 years, Laurence has leveraged his relationship, management, and networking access in cultivating successful business opportunities for his portfolio companies world-wide. Mr. Sheehan is known to many leaders in the renewable energy field and brings access to potential Joint Venture partners. Laurence provides knowledge of and access to a number of technologies and island jurisdictions (and others) and has knowledge in clean water technology and green energy initiatives. Mr. Sheehan has for the past eight years been associated with Matters of Science, a unique water testing protocol development company. Mr. Sheehan built the Technology Division of the Chase Manhattan Bank on a world-wide basis and currently sits on the Board of Directors of a number of international and local companies. He is currently the CEO of the Stock Exchange of the Caribbean. Mr. Sheehan is a frequent public speaker in industry. He is a Past President of Rotary International and is a multiple Paul Harris Fellow and has received the prestigious District Presidential Citation for his commitment internationally to clean water projects. Mr. Sheehan is active in hurricane relief efforts in various countries of the Caribbean. Mr. Sheehan has a BS in Business from Boston College and a Masters Degree from Harvard University.

Ricardo A. Richardson
Member of the Board of Directors

Mr. Richardson serves as Vice Chairman for ProConcept Marketing Group, Inc., a publicly traded company based in Atlanta, GA. Mr. Richardson is an executive and board member of Hydration Holdings, Inc., a bio-hydration water company based in Washington, D.C. Hydration Holdings has developed a system for converting unsafe, contaminated water sources to drinking water and is currently working with water and health organizations in New Delhi,India and Africa to assist the clean-up of the Ganges and other contaminated water sources. He is also President & CEO of Continental Basketball Association (CBA) Properties, LLC; established in 1946, as the oldest professional basketball league in the United States. In his capacity, Mr. Richardson has implemented a global CBA licensing program to license the league in several countries including Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, and Great Britain. Prior to the CBA, Mr. Richardson was Chairman & CEO of Verias Consulting Group, Inc.; a business management consultancy representing American Basketball Association; Marketing Informatics; Adventure Transportation Systems; Springfield REIT. He served as Chief Operating Officer for each of these companies under a consulting agreement with Verias. Mr. Richardson was also EVP and COO of RealMed Corporation; a multimillion smart card claims adjudication company. RealMed was acquired by Anthem Blue Cross; CIT Group and Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation. Mr. Richardson is formerly a Senior Forecast Analyst for Roadway Global Air, an air freight logistics company and a health actuary for Indianapolis-based Golden Rule Insurance Company, which was the leading Medical Savings Account insurer in America. He also founded Jewel Financial Services, a financial and investment banking consulting firm. Mr. Richardson is a Certified Statistician, a Fellow of the Insurance Management Institute, a member of the Indiana Actuarial Society. Mr. Richardson holds a B.S., in Mathematics and Statistics from St. John's University, and Masters in Insurance Management.

James Smith
Member of the Board of Directors

Mr. James Smith is the Chairman of CFAL a prominent Bahamian company. As a former member of the Bahamas’ Senate and Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance, Mr. Smith is widely acknowledged as a leading expert on monetary policies and financial services. He has served as the country’s ambassador for Trade in the Office of the Prime Minister and the Governor of the Central Bank of The Bahamas for 10 years; and as Chairman of the Negotiating Group on Services in the Free Trade Areas of the Americas (FTAA) process. Mr. Smith has served as Chairman of the Bahamas Maritime Authority, The Paradise Island Bridge Company and The Bahamas Development Bank. He has been a member of the Board of Directors of many public and private companies including the Bahamas Stock Exchange. Mr. Smith provides strategic guidance and support to the management team of WINSO.

Patrick Hanna
Member of the Board of Directors

Mr. Hanna is the founder of Parakletos & Hanna. The firm practices generally, in all areas of law but has a particular specialty in the field of commercial law. Prior to this he was a partner in the firm of Bannister & Co. He is a graduate of the Fort Valley State University in Georgia, a graduate of the University of the West Indies in Barbados and a graduate of the Hugh Wooding Law School in Trinidad and Tobago. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics, a bachelor’s degree in Law and the Legal Education Certificate, respectively. He was admitted to the Bahamas Bar in 1995. Mr. Hanna is married to Dr. Alvery V. Hanna, a trauma specialist and the couple has an eight year old daughter, Tiffany.

Dr. Lawrence Chimerine
Member of the Board of Directors

With over 40 years of success in world economics, Dr. Chimerine is an economics professional with an extensive background as the chief economist for IBM and then as the President of Chase Econometrics, a division of the Chase Manhattan Bank. Dr Chimerine is world renowned for his knowledge of the economies of the Caribbean basin. He sits on numerous Boards of Directors of companies in the Caribbean and in the U.S. Dr Chimerine has the ability and capacity to present regional and country specific solutions to the World Bank and other funding agencies. Dr Chimerine is a frequent “guest economist” on MSNBC and is in high demand as a public speaker in regard to the world economy.