WINSO is a corporation governed under the laws of the Bahamas and was founded in 2008, as a Bahamian Corporation.

WINSO Inc is a leading provider of alternative energy know-how as well as other “green” technology in areas as diverse as clean water and overall conservation. WINSO is dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint per capita in the jurisdictions in which it works. WINSO in conjunction with an array of “best in class” partners is dedicated to providing clean sustainable energy and establishing the Caribbean basin as a leader in GREEN technology. WINSO through its relationship with its partners has the capacity to formulate systemic programs to decrease energy consumption and thereby protect the natural resources of the entire region for our children … and generations to come.

WINSO works in a collaborative manner with governments, existing electric utility companies and developers to provide the very best solution to energy and other green technology issues. We work with the client from Needs Analysis and design to build-out and delivery.



Our mission is to help preserve the Earth's natural resources by generating energy with wind and solar power. We promise efficiency, reliability, and safety in our products and services. Our innovative solutions will provide predictable earnings for our shareholders, and our employees will be encouraged and challenged every step of the way.